Holding are projects with where deeds and easements have been officially completed, and include properties that Siskiyou Land Trust owns or has an easement.  The Land Trust monitors and cares for holdings, many times in partnership with the landowner, to ensure the successful intent of each project agreement.

  • Sisson Meadow Wetlands and Trails – The Siskiyou Land Trust obtained a $250,000 grant and purchased a 7.5-acre property near the center of Mt. Shasta City. The SLT was then awarded a grant of $150,000 by the California Resources Agency from the 2002 park bond act (Proposition 40), for enhancement of the freshwater wetlands on Sisson Meadows and the development of a public trail system around the site. Putting these funds together with local materials, additional funding including a $10,000 grant from the Mountain Runners, and lots of volunteer labor, SLT completed the site improvements in December 2007.  Current stewardship activities include Sisson Meadow Boardwalk Enhancement,  a collaboration with the Mt. Shasta Alternative Transportation Advisory Committee to enhance a portion of the boardwalk in Sisson Meadow.
  • Hammond Pond – SLT accepted the donation of the 67-acre Dwight Hammond Reservoir located at the foot of Mount Eddy between the cities of Mount Shasta and Weed, to protect the scenic and wildlife habitat values of the lake.
  • Scott Valley Conservation Easements The Siskiyou Land Trust has worked  several years with the Whipple and Plank families in Scott Valley to place approximately 5,500 acres of their land into a conservation easement. After years of negotiation and hard work, the proposed conservation easement was approved and completed in December of 2010.
  • Trinity River – Through a private donation, SLT acquired a 70-acre conservation easement along the Trinity River to preserve open space, salmon and steelhead spawning areas, and wildlife habitat.
  • Kingston Road Property A key piece of land along the proposed Mount Shasta Greenway.