The Whole Cow event on June 24 was a delightful celebration of Siskiyou County food and land at the Scott River Ranch in Etna. Participants enjoyed a “local foods” feast, with the flavors the Scott Valley and Shasta Valley, from farm fresh foods baked over the coals…to area wines and local brewed beer. The highlight of the meal was the Ranch’s grass-fed beef prepared in the ancient way through slow roasting with oak fire.

The Scott River Ranch is just one of the conservation easements that Siskiyou Land Trust has helped create in Scott Valley. Click here to read more about these projects.  Tours of the ranch shared the ethic of rotational grazing on diverse native grasslands, a practice that plays a major role in sequestering CO2 and creating a healthy environment. It is a model of ideal use for much of our Siskiyiou County landscape.

Thanks to photographer Bill Langton, Bill Langton’s Fine Art Photography, for this wonderful video of the event.  And deep gratitude to Scott River Ranch for their tremendous effort and incredible generosity in hosting this wonderful event as a fundraiser in support of the work of the Siskiyou Land Trust.