SLT Conservation Director Kathleen Hitt at Thompson Creek.

The Thompson Creek project involves the proposed donation of a conservation easement covering 66 acres of forest and riparian land along Thompson Creek (located between Happy Camp and Seiad Valley on Highway 96).  The land is currently held by The Nature Conservancy which wants to convey the easement to the Land Trust once the parcel is sold to a qualified buyer.  Thompson Creek – a tributary to the Klamath River – provides critical cold water refugia to migrating Chinook and coho salmon, and steelhead.

If not protected by the Land Trust, there is a risk of future subdivision, habitat fragmentation, and loss of conservation values from incompatible development.  The parcel includes a rustic cabin and garage, while some of the land could see limited cultivation or an orchard.

Current Status:  The parcel is listed by a realtor, awaiting the purchase by a buyer willing to own a property protected for conservation purposes.  Upon purchase and the closing of escrow, the conservation easement will be conveyed to the Land Trust by TNC.