The Mt. Shasta Greenway is a proposed 8 foot wide paved multi-use urban trail going from the City Park to downtown Mt. Shasta City.  The trail would cross a variety of land ownerships.  Future extensions would connect the trail to Spring Hill and Lake Siskiyou.

This project is being promoted by a consortium of groups, including the Mt. Shasta Trail Association, Mt. Shasta Rotary, Mountain Wheelers, Mountain Runners, the Mt. Shasta Parks & Recreation District, and (of course!) the Siskiyou Land Trust.

Conservation Values.  The trail would provide an all-weather outdoor recreation experience for walkers, runners, and bicyclists.  Along the trail would be opportunities for nature study, appreciation, and protection of meadows, wetlands, and forested ecosystems.  The trail would also help retain a corridor of urban open space, and safe access to City Park in which busy streets could be avoided.

Role of the Land Trust.  To facilitate trail development for public use and enjoyment, a combination of trail easements and land ownership may be required to ensure an uninterrupted trail.  The Land Trust is a willing partner that would hold these land tenure documents, as necessary.

The initial phase of the trail was constructed through 2015 and 2016, and now provides trails from the end of Kingston Road through meadows and forested wetlands, along Wagon Creek and Kingston Ditch, and to the Mt. Shasta City Park.  The best trailhead access is at the City Park, with abundant parking, a kids’ playground, picnic facilities and the famous Headwaters Spring.
MS Greenway Phase 1 2016-07-07 Kingston-Park Site Plan Rev 2 (1)