Volunteers having fun together at the 2016 Picnic in the Park community celebration.

Siskiyou Land Trust is blessed by the amazing community support that gets so much done in our community and on our county’s lands. As we looked back at 2016, we were astonished and so honored when we stopped to add up our volunteer efforts: 3,537 hours of volunteer time in 2016!

Those hours were spent clearing trails, maintaining open space, performing monitoring on conserved lands, installing benches, putting on fundraisers and community events, leading field trips, grant writing, providing office support, putting on the slideshow series, and supporting fundraising efforts.


The Sheep Barn Cleanup on a rainy day in February with a hearty group of folks at Scott River Ranch.

Then there is the work done by our committees: groups of volunteers, current board members and past board members who get so much of the work done. The Land Acquisition, Outreach and Education, Stewardship and Fundraising committees bring capacity, energy, creativity and expertise to SLT, greatly expanding our ability to make an impact in our communities.

Then there is the board: this small group of folks work so hard every week to make sure this is a strong organization making the best use of its resources to fulfill our mission. Community members come to the board with a love of the Land Trust and a vision for the impact SLT can have on the land, our communities and the lives of our people. They are an inspiring, dedicated group who give so much.

In fact, it’s easy to be inspired by all of our volunteers. Siskiyou Land Trust does our best to help people use their skills, talent and creativity to connect with the land and community. It’s a gift to work with the incredible people who volunteer and who grow the impact of Siskiyou Land Trust.

Thank you to each one of our volunteers. You are the heart of Siskiyou Land Trust.


2016 Volunteerism Breakdown:

Stewardship Projects –

Garden Greenway: 544 hours

Sisson Meadow: 176 hours

Hammond Pond: 44 hours

City Park to Downtown Greenway: 48 hours

Monitoring and baseline activities: 32 hours

Box Canyon Headwaters: 30 hours


Outreach and Education Projects – 

Field trips and workshops: 109 hours

Slideshow series: 98 hours

Picnic in the Park: 143 hours


Fundraising Projects – 

Events: 275 hours

Giving Tuesday: 98 hours

Grant writing: 150 hours


Membership Outreach: 64 hours

Office Support: 83 hours

Board members: 1479 hours

Committee meetings: 158 hours

Total 2016 volunteer hours: 3537