What does it mean to have to carry every drop of water you use…water for drinking, for cooking, for sanitation, and for growing you own food? Most of us just turn on the tap, or grab a case of bottled water at the store, but that is not how most of the world lives. And folks right here in Mt Shasta—people you probably know, are helping to change that picture for people half way across the world. Donna Boyd, Mt. Shasta resident and Rotary Club member, will share photos and stories from her most recent visit in December 2017. As the project coordinator for Mt. Shasta Rotary Club, Donna has been visiting the same region in Africa for four years to work with local Rotarians and villagers.

Come and hear about an amazing 10-year project based right here in Mt Shasta that has brought clean water to over 100,000 people in Tanzania through the Mount Shasta Rotary and Save The Rain project. See the landscape and learn what it is like to live in the villages of the Great East African Rift Valley. Learn the power of a simple idea and how local people working with Mt Shasta locals, have taken that idea and put it into action. The results are nothing short of a miracle – health, nutrition, education, economic security, all tied to water.

This program is a fundraiser for the Siskiyou Land Trust, donation of $8 to $10 per person requested. Thursday, February 8th, at the Mt Shasta Sisson Museum. Door opens 6:30pm, show begins 7:00pm.