Land Acquisition Committee

This committee provides early review of landowner inquiries to see if they warrant further consideration as a conservation project. The committee works with landowners who are interested in donating or selling land or conservation easements to the Land Trust. It considers all inquiries received by the Conservation Director, looking at maps, photos, and other sources of environmental data to get a good understanding of the ecological condition of the land in question. The committee also conducts on-the-ground site visits to inspect the land up close, and meet with landowners. The committee then compares the attributes and liabilities of an inquiry against established Land Trust goals, criteria and checklists. Volunteers meet on a monthly basis to review, evaluate and plan future activities relative to the inquiries. Recommendations are forwarded to the full board of directors for action.

Committee Members  

  • Anne McTavish: Committee Chair
  • Michael Zanger
  • Leslie Andrews
  • Rod Merys