Purpose and Responsibility of the Committee

It is important to the future success of the Siskiyou Land Trust that it has strong, knowledgeable leadership at the top.  This is best achieved through a committed, competent Executive/Finance Committee with a vision and passion for the organization’s mission.

The Executive/Finance Committee is made up of the officers of the Board, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  It is the responsibility of the committee to set the climate and agenda for the entire board, to coordinate the work of all committees and prepare an annual work plan in line with the organizations strategic plan.

Executive Function

The Executive/Finance Committee shall act with powers of the Board in the interim between meetings.  They may not, however, make changes in the policies of the Board.  The Committee shall meet as required and shall submit reports of all actions to the Board of Directors.  It may act for the Board and may appoint any task force necessary to carry out its commission.

Financial Function

The Executive/Finance Committee shall oversee and monitor the management of all financial affairs of the Siskiyou Land Trust and recommend fiscal management policies to the Board of Directors.  The Committee will recommend an annual operating budget for approval by the Board of Directors and oversee its management.

Executive Committee Members

  • Rod Merys: Committee Chair
  • David Tucker
  • Stacy Smith
  • Christine Jordan
  • Anne McTavish